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Fixing Microsoft SQL Server

MDF Open File Tool is a development and I.T. software developed by Open Files, Inc. This computer repair service helps developers to fix broken Microsoft SQL Server databases. There is no need to have any backup copies for the analysis. Users can find the source of the problem inside their database.

Database Solution For Users

MDF files are disc images created from disc authoring programs. It is like ISO files, but different in format. The data from discs are stored while keeping the header and track information in the MDS file. Database programs like Microsoft SQL Server use MDF files. It reads database files inside SQL servers, as well as server add-ons. There will be instances where MDF files get corrupted or damaged in the database. MDF Open File Tool can repair any problematic database and bring them back to their optimal state. It skips the extra step of saving and opening backup copies for the repair procedure. The software has every tool for checking the cause of problems in the database. It has restoration features, standard database procedures, and interactive customers objects. It reads any versions of MDF database files from Microsoft SQL Server 6 to 2016 edition. Users can parse and open each of them. It can recover both primary and secondary keys. This software is capable of extracting and saving every data and tables from the customer’s side. Users select the MDF files for diagnostics, preview the data, select the file format to export, and save it on the computer. The export format options available are MDF + NDF files. The software guarantees professional-level analysis for MDF files and backup copies. It can restore the last changes done in the database. This increases the chance of recovering any lost data. The software can even read customized MDF files from other developers. Users have the option of uploading the analyzed MDF file to the server directly or saving them as sets of SQL scripts. They can activate the restored file after comparing it against the original copy.

Saving Everything From The Server

MDF Open File Tool can save precious files from SQL servers. It has everything for performing restoration of MDF files. Users can switch between the original or recovered copy of MDF files and every version of Microsoft SQL Server is compatible with this software.

MDF Open File Tool provides powerful MDF repair engine, working on any PC

MDF Open File Tool is exactly what you'd like to have in any case of database corruption, affecting the internal structure of MS SQL Server databases. This software runs on any computer regardless the configuration in use, the processing of damaged information is possible on virtually and PC workstation, including older hardware. It guarantees the confidentiality of all operations and safely parses MDF databases in any case.

MDF Open File Tool is one of the easiest data recovery programs, analyzing corrupted files of MDF format so you can minimize data corruption threats and improve your chances of repairing MS SQL Server databases. This software allows recovering the latest modifications in MDF files, this information is often absent in original backups because these files are often out of date. MDF Open File Tool supports any version of Microsoft SQL Server database, so there are no compatibility issues, just get a small installation program of database recovery tool, follow its guidelines and prepare to start the recovery of SQL database, used in your company. Indeed, this solution suits any hardware configuration in use, but it does not mean you should use it on older computers. Since MDF files are always pretty large, it is strongly recommended that you install MDF Open File Tool on modern computers to open corrupted documents faster and easily.

Try MDF Open File Tool if the damage affects corrupted databases in MS SQL Server format and restore all tables, items and other objects on any computer, connected to the database server of your company. This tool repairs MDF files of any version.


  • Compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 6 to 2016 edition
  • Supports MDF + NDF files
  • Recovery tools and functions
  • Works with customized MDF files


  • May take longer to fix corrupted database
  • May not recover all files from the database
  • Lacks advanced database features

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MDF Open File Tool for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V
  • 1.9
  • (17)
  • Security Status

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